Using Amazon Web Services S3 to Share Your eLearning Courses to a Portfolio Website

This course was developed to help Instructional Designers with uploading their eLearning projects to their portfolio web site.

Tools used: Articulate Rise, Snagit, Canva

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Lockout/Tagout - Why does it matter?

This course was developed for annual OSHA training for businesses who employ workers that work on machinery. This course includes interactivities and quizzes.

Tools used: Ariculate Rise, Canva

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The Dialysis Biomedical Technician 

Is this the right job for you?

This course was developed for candidates looking for a position as a Dialysis Biomedical Technician. They will learn the roles and responsibilities of the job and have a clearer understing for the interview.

Tools used: Articulate Storyline 360, Camtasia, Speechelo

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Beloved: Not Forgotten Onboarding Module 1

This course was developed for new hire volunteers and board members to learn about the organization and speak at community events. This course includes information on how the organization got started; their mission, vision, and purpose; guiding principles; and contact information to help people get access to these services.

Tools used: Articulate Storyline 360, Audacity

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