Beloved: Not Forgotten

Case Study and documents

Project Title: Beloved: Not Forgotten Onboarding Module 1

Tools used in Development: Articulate Storyline, Audacity

Time: 160 hours to include virtual meetings and email time.

Client: (Volunteer) Beloved: Not Forgotten

Context: This course was developed for new hire onboarding


The Executive Director was giving onboarding to everyone in person. As she started to onboard more people, there was a time constraint with personnally giving each person onboarding training. She needed an eLearning course.


This course was designed for onboarding new hires. Staff and Board Members of Beloved: Not Forgotten attend local events to educate the community about the organization. This course gives them to information they need to speak at events and provide contact information for people needing this service.


This course is now published with Beloved: Not Forgotten and in the evaluation stage. Members and new hires are testing the course and will be providing feedback.

Beloved Module 1 Visual eLearning Storyboard Template.pptx

Visual Storyboard

The storyboard evolved many times during the project development. Client added a new Guiding Principles slide to the project. The client provided lots of feedback during development and slides were changed to improve the overall impact of the course.

Beloved Onboarding Mod 1 ProjectPlan.docx

Project Plan

The Project Plan includes the Course Information and Development milestones. There was a 1 month delay due to Covid. The course was in development on a very part-time basis (4-6 hours per week on average).