Customer Care Agent Video

Title: Customer Care Agent Job Expectations

Tools: Vyond, Audacity, Camtasia

Client: FreseniusRx

Context: This video explains the job expectations of a customer care agent working for FreseniusRx.


Short version = 4 minutes

Long version = 13 minutes (includes a mock call)


FreseniusRx was experiencing a 33% attrition rate among newly hired Customer Care Agents within their first 90 days of employment. Once the new hire was working in the role, they realized the job expectations did not align with their life outside of work. They found the role to be very managed without flexibility. The challenge for the hiring managers was how to portray this working environment to the candidate during the interview process to be very clear on the job expectations. This would allow the candidate to make a better decision on if this job was right for them.


The candidate is given this explainer video prior to attending the interview with the Customer Care hiring managers. This fosters better conversation around the job expectations and the working environment, giving the candidate a clear understanding of what type of role they are applying for and the work-life balance. 


This solution is currently in progress. 

Video implementation: April 1, 2024

Evaluation: October 2024

Attrition Rate results: November 2024

Customer Care Agent Job Expections

Including a mock call

Length: 13 minutes

During development, the stakeholders wanted to add an experience for the candidate to see an example of a call they might have with a patient. Two employees (one playing the agent and one playing the patient) did a mock call inside our MAX Agent program to show how an agent would interact with a patient while multitasking in several different programs on the computer.

The video was exported from Vyond and imported into Camtasia to edit and add the mock call within the Vyond video.