Vyond Video

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Title: Source Water Documentation. Having a conversation with the Water Treatment Plant.

Tools: Vyond

Client: Dialysis Technical Education

Context: Video explaining how a Dialysis Biomedical Technician would prepare and have a conversation with the Water Treatment Plant about the importance of the Source Water Documentation and the requirements by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.


Dialysis Biomedical Technicians are required to send a letter with a source water document to the Water Treatment Plant every six months. The Water Treatment Plant should fill out the document and return to the Biomedical Technician. This communication is often done through email, fax, or USPS mail. The challenge is receiving the completed documentation within the month required. The Water Treatment Plant does not always see the priority in it.


Create a good relationship with your Water Treatment Plant Supervisor by speaking to them directly and explaining the Source Water letter and documentation. By having this conversation, the Water Treatment Plant will know the requirements from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and likely return the document in a timely manner.

This video gives tips on how to prepare for this conversation with the Water Treatment Plant and what the conversation would look like. 


This video is a part of an Advanced Water Education required for Dialysis Biomedical Technicians. Building that direct relationship has improved the receipt of the documentation in a timely manner to meet CMS requirements.