Instructor-Led Training


Action Plans: The Why's and How To's

Tools: Microsoft PowerPoint

Client: Dialysis Biomedical Technicians

Context: Merrill's Principles of Instruction was used to design this Instructor-Led Training. This training explains Action Plans for microbiological sampling. The instructor demonstrates the process and the learners use the application to return demonstrate how to prepare a more difficult action plan.



The requirements for reporting microsamples out of limits has a 48 hour time limit and requires the Biomedical Technician to fill out an appropriate form. The challenge is selecting the appropriate Action Plan for the situation and following the action plan protocol. The action plan is often times reported late.


Instructor-led training will explain the policy on microbiological samples, the limits for colony counts and endotoxins, and the reporting action plans according to company policy. The instructor identifies a sample out of limits, how to determine the correct action plan to use, and how to properly document in the action plan form. The instructor displays samples out of limits requiring a more difficult action plan. The learners will return demonstrate how to determine which action plan to use and will fill out the form appropriately.


This training resulted in Action Plans being reported in compliance with company policy and within the policy time frame. Appropriate actions are taken in accordance with the action plan in the required time frame for the safety of our patients. The actions are reported to the required people (Medical Director, Clinical Managers, and Technical Managers) per policy.

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Facilitator Guide